As we’re coming to the final couple of months to register for Guadalajara, Gay Games Powerlifting competition 2023. We now have 25 registered lifters with 15 spots still available. 

There are now over 1,000 registered athletes going to Guadalajara across a wide range of sports and we expect that number to increase rapidly over the final two months of registration especially from the host country.

The Gay Games in Mexico have full backing from the Jalisco Regional government and we are attaching an explicit communique from them to welcome all participants to these games. 

Now, what we need is enthusiasm, encouraging people to fill the spots available
So if you haven’t signed up! Now’s your opportunity – if you have any questions then I’m happy to field them directly – as your Co-Presidents, Charlotte and I will be happy to support you.

LGBTPU Co-Presidents –
Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett
Charlotte Wareing

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