“LGBT Powerlifting Union – Management Team Announcement – Part 1”

“Founding President”

Dear All,

I realise that it’s been a while since our last communication with you, but there has been a lot of things that have needed to fall into place before bringing you this latest news update.

Recently whilst in Toronto the LGBT Powerlifting Union (LGBTPU) received final confirmation from the Federation of Gay Games and their host city that Powerlifting is included and will go ahead in the Gay Games this November in Guadalajara, Mexico.

When I founded the LGBTPU as an advocacy group in 2017, with the specific aim of returning the Sport of Powerlifting to the Gay Games, I committed to serve as Co-President to achieve this aim over a five year timeline through until the original date of the games in November 2022.

As circumstances around the pandemic intervened over this last few years and the date of the games was moved to November 2023, it became necessary to extend this agreement through to the point where a seamless handover could be made to the host city and a management group to oversee the project through to its completion.

Now that this confirmation has been received full responsibility for the delivery has now been passed to the host city, who will be supported by the remaining members of the LGBTPU team. They will now finalise the plans for Gay Games XI Powerlifting and continue forward planning of a UK based event, which is scheduled for June 2024.

Over this last six years we have recruited, trained and established a broad based diverse management group, who are now experienced enough to take the LGBT Powerlifting Union through the next stage of its development. They will now handle all of the day to day responsibilities of the LGBTPU.

With the group’s original aim secured and such a strong leadership team in place, it is now time for me to move to the position of Founding President, so the group can continue its work through to the coming Gay Games in Guadalajara and onto the following Gay Games in Valencia in 2026. The group will also be hosting a new exciting event in the UK in 2024 called Pride Powerlifting Championships, which is now deep in forward planning and pre-registration will be open very soon.

I’d like to this opportunity to say it’s been a huge honour to lead such a talented team and to host athletes, coaches and supporters from all over the world at four international events over this last six years. I would also like to say a big thank you to all of the staff, officials and venues that have made our events possible over the last six years. I feel honoured  to have served as Co-President of the LGBTPU during this period and look forward to seeing you all at Powerlifting events in the future.

I would like to wish you all every success with your future lifts and competitions.

Chris Morgan

Founding President, LGBT Powerlifting Union

For more information regarding LGBT Powerlifting events please contact lgbtpu@googlegroups.com

Visit the LGBTPU here https://www.facebook.com/groups/203653086703441

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